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Ob Wheel (PRO)

開発者 In Pocket Solutions
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Multi-function pregnancy calculator.Try the Free version (also available on Market)!
Calculate dates of pregnancy:-Last menstrual period (LMP)-Estimated date of conception-Weeks gestational age (WGA)-WGA obtained by ultrasound-Estimated due date (EDC)-Adjust length of cycle and luteal phase-Store multiple patients for easy retrieval-Full Help pages available-Export data to XML on SD card-Import saved data (Pro version only)-Save app to SD card (PRO version only)-"Time Machine" mode can calculate "How many weeks will patient be on xxxx date?" and "When will patient be xx weeks gestation?"-Include extra notes in patient data
Please note: This app may be used for personal tracking purposes, but it is primarily meant to be a clinical tool for professional healthcare workers.
***********************IMPORTANT NOTE***********************This app calculates exactly 280 days (40 weeks) from LMP to EDC, and accordingly for any date in between. Please note that the paper/plastic wheels used by obstetricians or ultrasound technicians are inherently inaccurate. Different pregnancy wheels may vary by as much as 3 or 4 days. Please keep this in mind when comparing the values obtained here to those given in clinic/hospital.
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